Take the Time to Unwind

Its hard to think of something more relaxing and replenishing than a day at the spa. This luxury, which was once thought of as something only movie stars and millionaires could enjoy, is now readily available - often with specialized services - in nearly every city and town.

Whether you're on vacation or just looking to take a little time to yourself, TopSpas.org can help you find a place to be pampered - anywhere across North America. "Spas are offering new services all the time, so it's a good idea to know what's available to you nearby," said Chris Greenwood, creator of the new site. The spa-focused directory, which organizes business information by city, also proves helpful as a resource for travelers looking to experience the relaxing benefits while away from home.

"It's supposed to be about unwinding, not being overwhelmed," continued Greenwood, "There's already enough on everyone's plate. That's why we strive for simplicity."

About TopSpas.org

TopSpas.org is a free to use directory of spas across North America. It was developed to help people locate and experience spas and services anywhere they may be. Since launching in January 2012, TopSpas.org has over 6,000 listings and is rapidly growing.